Samsung MX-T70 Tower Speaker Full Specifications With Review

Samsung MX-T70 Tower Speaker

Samsung MX-T70 Tower Speaker
Samsung {MX-T70/XL} Sound Tower High Power Audio, Floor Standing Speaker, Bi-Directional Sound, Water Resistant, Party Lights, Bluetooth Multi-Connection, USB Music Playback (Black)


Type Home Theatre
Power Output(RMS) 300 W | 500 W | 1500 W
Power Source Ac Adapter
Connectivity Bluetooth | USB | Aux
USB Ports 2 USB Ports
Headphone Jack No
Configuration 2.0 Channel
Special Features Built in Woofer, Party Lighting and DJ Effect
Warranty 1 Year

Features Description

Bidirectional Sound

Go wall-to-wall with Samsung Giga Party Audio’s unique Bi-directional design. It delivers your music to a wider area for a room-filling sound experience that’s ready to raise the roof.

Bass Booster

Hit that Bass Booster button and power up the party. The High Power 500 Watts is the ultimate party booster. Feel the sound as it intensifies low frequencies and adds power to your music, intensifying all the lower frequencies of the track.

LED Party Lights

Samsung Giga Party Audio offers a variety of fun light modes, including Party, Ambient, Dance, Thunder Bolt, Star,—and it’s easy to adjust the effects using the dedicated app on your mobile device. Set the lighting effect to match the rhythm and get dancing! Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only.

Group Play

Group Play gets your party thumping. Connect multiple Samsung Giga Party Audio devices for a richer sound experience—with wire and wirelessly. Connect up to 10 (compatibility wireless/wired between MX-T70,T50 and T40). In wireless connection, Playback quality can be unstable depending on blutooth environment.

Bluetooth Multi Connection

Friends who share together, stay together. With Bluetooth Multi Connection, you and your friend can connect and pair two mobile devices simultaneously to share music and enjoy. Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. The appearance, design and GUI specifications which is not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice.

Giga Party Audio App

Get your party moving just right with an app that’s perfect for DJing. It makes it easy to control various light and sound effects, and even your EQ settings—right from your mobile. Party on! The Samsung Giga Party Audio app is compatible with Android mobile phone devices running Android OS 6.0 or later. The Samsung Giga Party Audio app is compatible with Apple mobile devices running iOS 10.0 or later. The appearance, design and GUI(Graphic User Interface) specifications which is not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice.

Karaoke Mode

Be a pop star. Grab the mic, play your favorite music, and have fun singing together. The stage is set and the beat will drop to get the party started.

Water Resistance

Giga Party Audio devices feature a water resistant top-panel so don’t have to care about accidental water drips and splashes. Just enjoy the party. Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only.


Samsung MX-T70 Remote Control

MX-T70 Remote Control

Samsung MX-T70 Sound Tower Speaker

MX-T70 Tower Speaker


  • Different connectivity options. 
  • Nice lighting effects. 
  • Built in karaoke mixer. 
  • Water resistant. 


  • No Battery back up. 
  • It doesn't have mic connectivity. 
  • Sound is not so loud for outdoor. 
  • It doesn't connect with tcl android TV. 

My Opinion

The sound produced is excellent. I use this in a our office room, and it fills with sound nicely. No problems there. Only a couple of issues stand in the way of a great value. First, the remote either has poor range, or I got a dud. Even after trying new batteries, I have to basically be standing right next to the speaker to turn it on and control with the remote. The response to the remote is so bad that I usually have to walk over and just turn it on with the buttons on top. Second, the volume level resets each time the speaker is turned off again. To have good volume for our office room have to turn it up quite a bit each time I power on. I wish it would just keep the previous volume setting.

Other than those issues, I love the speaker and am glad I purchased it. Honestly if I could get the remote to be at all useable further than a foot away I'd have no complaints.

Customer Reviews Collected From Different Platform :-

Customer 1-

I have a sound bar and wasn't able to add this to my list of speakers. Why don't I know? The speaker would play all by itself but not with the other speakers. Samsung TV Samsung sound bar Samsung speakers and the tower wouldn't link up.

Customer 2-

when i am in group play i cannot control the volume on both speakers simultaneously with the samsung app. i can control the host speaker volume but i then have to manually change the other speaker or use three other remote. this is not convenient. is there a solution to this?

Customer 3-

I got this for my office with the intention of buying more and linking them. I changed my mind as I really don't need more. This thing has great sound for it's size. My business partner went and bought a couple after hearing mine. I keep it running with music at my office, so I can't crank it up so as to not bother my neighbors, but my son has turned it up when he was playing with it and it sounded awesome. Much more bass that I had anticipated. It's a great buy. if you don't need the battery of the new version, this is a great buy.

Customer 4-

Bought this 8 months ago, works as great as day 1! Clear crisp sound, deep base, and it's really a sculpted artwork of a machine in its presence! I'm a zumba / fitness instructor, this works great hooked up for zoom classes and live Facebook & Instagram streaming. I'm in love with it!

Customer 5-

It's good product but it's good for indoor party...sound is not so loud for outdoor problem is that every time after Bluetooth pairing you have to do reset for sometime .... samsung is respected company.... I bought for party... but if you looking for loud outdoor party then it's not for you......

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