The Touch HB Ring Full Review

HB Ring Review - Feel the Heartbeat of Your Loved Ones Anywhere You Are
The Touch HB Ring

Discover the HB Ring, a remarkable piece of smart jewelry that transcends traditional rings. Dating back to the belief in the Vena Amoris vein connecting hearts, the HB Ring takes it a step further by allowing you to see and feel the heartbeat of your loved ones in real-time. With its elegant design, durability, and sophisticated features, the HB Ring is revolutionizing the world of jewelry.

Product Details

Material Solid Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, Sapphire glass
Waterproof Withstands short exposure
Dimensions 3.9mm think, 12.1mm wide
Sizes available 6-13
Battery life Approx 14 hours
Warranty 2 years

The Tradition of Vena Amoris:

  • Exploring the historical significance of wearing rings on the fourth finger and the belief in the connection between the Vena Amoris vein and the heart.
  • Over 1 billion people worldwide continue this tradition, and the HB Ring enhances this age-old concept.

Introducing the HB Ring:

  • Unveiling the HB Ring as a groundbreaking smart ring that brings the heartbeat of loved ones to your fingertips.
  • The incorporation of durable materials and cutting-edge technology ensures its longevity and functionality.

Smart and Simple:

  • Highlighting the user-friendly nature of the HB Ring, with a simple double-tap gesture to access and experience the heartbeat of your loved ones.
  • Step-by-step process: Connect the ring to the HB Ring or Feel application, feel the real-time heartbeat with a double tap, and save the heartbeat for eternal remembrance.

Exquisite Materials:

  • Delving into the premium materials used in crafting the HB Ring, including 18K Solid Rose Gold and Stainless Steel.
  • Emphasizing the combination of elegance and scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal housing.

Serviceability and Wireless Charging:

  • Showcasing the HB Ring's serviceability, ensuring it can be passed down through generations.
  • Introducing the luxurious and efficient wireless charging feature, enhancing the overall user experience.

HB Ring Features and Functionality:

  • Providing an overview of the HB Ring's capabilities, including real-time heartbeat display, saved heartbeats, and automatic heartbeat updates.
  • Exploring the technical details such as size, battery life, waterproofing, and data usage.

The Feel Application:

  • Discussing the companion Feel application that allows users to interact with their connected HB Rings.
  • Exploring features such as sending and receiving heartbeats, saving heartbeats, customization options, and messaging.
    Hb Ring feel application

Perfect for Long-Distance Couples:

  • Discussing the unique benefits of the HB Ring for couples in long-distance relationships.
  • Exploring how the ring's vibrations and heartbeat connectivity can ease the pain of physical separation and remind partners of their love and presence.

Taking Relationships to the Next Level:

  • Highlighting the potential of HB Rings as engagement rings, symbolizing a unique and profound connection.
  • Exploring the possibility of using the rings to overcome distance-related challenges and enhance the bond between partners.

Accessories and Customer Satisfaction:

  • Showcasing optional accessories such as charging boxes to enhance the HB Rings experience.
  • Highlighting the Touch X's commitment to customer satisfaction, including free exchanges, warranty, shipping, and a money-back guarantee.


  1. Heartbeat connection for intimate bonding.
  2. Elegant and luxurious design.
  3. Durable and long-lasting.
  4. User-friendly with simple double-tap gesture.
  5. Wireless charging for convenience.


  1. Limited compatibility with older smartphones.
  2. Not recommended for swimming or prolonged water exposure.
  3. Higher price compared to traditional rings.
  4. Limited customization options.
  5. Relies on internet connection for real-time heartbeat updates.


The HB Ring transcends the boundaries of traditional jewelry, allowing you to connect with the heartbeat of your loved ones wherever you are. With its elegant design, durability, and advanced features, the HB Ring marks a new chapter in the history of jewelry, capturing the essence of love and connection.

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